Why Choose L10n People?

We offer bespoke recruitment services to meet individual client needs.



All of our recruiters are required to become Certified Internet Recruiters. They work towards attaining Boolean Black Belt status and have industry-specific knowledge within the specific sector they service – Localization, Games or IT/Multimedia.


We offer Executive Search and Staffing Solutions to all our International Clients at competitive industry rates. We can also offer bespoke recruitment services to meet individual client needs.


We collect candidate’s information in a standard format. We consolidate data from multiple recruitment sources, paid job board sites, PPC campaigns, referral networks, personal customized search engines and our social media networks.


We streamline workflow from job requisition to completion of the hiring process. We capture and file candidate information and history for future retrieval by our global team.


All global consultants can easily locate qualified candidates within a private pool of talent with precision usage. We can also provide centralized reporting to our clients on their hiring campaigns and in turn we can provide lower recruitment costs to our clients.